Swati & Sunaina Gold celebrates the use of wild silks, and its organic hues and sheen, in its special 2022-23 collection. Since the brand’s genesis, its core values have remained a use of pure zari and fibres, pursuit of rare weaving traditions of Banaras to their highest forms of excellence, a largely floral repertory of motifs and patterns, and the development of thematic collections based on historical research.

In keeping with these, Vanya suggests the idea of the rare Tussar, Eri and Muga, much like metallic yarns, as threads of gold. This is the first such extensive exploration of contemporary Banaras handlooms in such silks — where Mulberry’s use is the convention — by exploring creative possibilities in the traditions of Rangkaat, Tissue, Kadhua and Gyaser in the elaborate ways seen in these collection.

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