This limited edition collection of designs, revisits the tradition of attaching woven brocade borders to sarees, which was introduced in India from the early 20th Century onwards by women from Indian royalty.

Beyond Borders was a part of Beyond Banaras so the following can be used if it is being used separately: In parallel to Swati & Sunaina Gold’s repertory inspired by Classics in Banaras woven in Kadhua and Jamdani, as well as other traditions of Rangkaat, Gyaser, Tissue, Pachrangi and Dam Pach, some of the most successful collections of the brand are those which introduce a new range of motifs and patterns. These themes play with a fresh palette of colours and materials, and are today themselves recognised as Swati & Sunaina Gold’s Classics in Banaras handlooms. One such collection was Beyond Borders, inspired by the style of brocade borders being attached to sarees made fashionable by Indian maharanis in the early to mid-20th century.

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