The Art Of Gold

The Art of Gold is a series of curated events initiated by Swati & Sunaina Gold to bring attention to various artistic forms of gold. This furthers the interest of its founders to support the research and histories of the intangible heritage of Indian textiles.

Art of Gold is a series of lectures, symposia and events initiated by Swati & Sunaina Gold, to generate dialogues on the various artistic forms of gold.

In February 2019, Swati & Sunaina GOLD presented Sacred Textiles – The Art of Woven Gold, curated by one of India’s leading art consultants Ms Sharan Apparao, which explored the many spiritual facets of gold in Indian culture such as art, jewellery and cuisine.

An exhibition curated by the renowned historian Dr Monisha Ahmed on the Gyaser, creating an overview from history to present, of the Indo-Tibetan tradition of silk and metallic brocades.

We were honoured to have Prof Dr. Anjan Chakraverty, Monisha Ahmed, Mayank Mansingh Kaul and Ritu Sethi as speakers at the one-day symposium, Gyaser, in Delhi.

One among a series of symposiums in collaboration with Bangalore International Centre, Yarn Club, Culture Bagh, Mehrangarh Museum Trust and Eka Archiving Trust initiated by Swati & Sunaina Gold

Swati & Sunaina was proud to showcase “The River of Gold”, a dupatta specially created for the ‘Sutr Santati’ exhibition to celebrate the occasion of 75 years of Indian Independence, at the National Museum, New Delhi.

Swati & Sunaina Gold celebrates the use of wild silks, and its organic hues and sheen, using pure zari and fibres, pursuing the rare weaving traditions of Banaras to their highest forms of excellence, in its limited piece collection launched in Chennai.

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