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Swati & Sunaina Gold was started to innovate with rare techniques of hand weaving in Banaras

This includes Rangkaat, Gyaser, Tissue, Pachrangi and Dampach, among others. For this, a use of pure zari was also seen as essential, leading to a process of its certification which we have pioneered. With every collection of our single edition sarees, we remain focussed on pure materials, excellence in hand craftsmanship and a floral repertory of designs which is drawn from a wide range of inspirations and styles. With a deep interest in the histories of textiles, we are also committed to enabling research and curating events to highlight the intangible heritage of Indian weaving traditions through the Art of Gold initiative.


Each Swati & Sunaina Gold single edition saree is handwoven using the techniques of Kadhua, Jamdani, Rangkaat, Gyaser, Pachrangi or Dampach, quintessentially associated with Banaras handlooms. But the making of a brocaded handwoven saree begins much earlier than the weaving itself, and involves a range of processes, from creating an original artwork, its translation into a graph and punched cards for the jacquard, fitting of the jacquard on the loom, dyeing of the yarn, its preparation for the warp and weft, and eventual mounting on the loom. These stages are illustrated in this film, giving a brief overview of the making of a Swati & Sunaina Gold single edition saree.

The Art of Gold is a series of curated events initiated by Swati & Sunaina Gold to bring attention to various artistic forms of gold. This furthers the interest of its founders to support the research and histories of the intangible heritage of Indian textiles.

We present to you, the women who are achievers in their chosen field of work yet have found the perfect balance between life and work. Their support has been invaluable and their graciousness has always left us humbled. They have chosen Swati & Sunaina sarees, welcomed us into their homes and given us an insight into where our sarees find their nest.

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A timeline of Swati & Sunaina Gold collections reveals a commitment to the rarest techniques of hand weaving in Banaras, achieving constantly new levels of craftsmanship and luxury.

Swati & Sunaina Gold hosts exclusive services for clients to create, the experience of owning a Banaras silk saree unique and luxurious.

Commission a weave

In this exclusive service, we work with our patrons to conceptualise and craft a textile incorporating their inputs and using our expertise to bring them to life. Reach out to us and together we will create the unique textile that was always on your mind.

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Trunk Service

Availing this exclusive service, we welcome you to browse our exquisite weaves at leisure, in the comfort of your home amidst family to discover the superlative pure zari workmanship and stories behind each handcrafted, one-of-a-kind piece we offer.

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