About the designers

The founders of Swati & Sunaina Gold come from diverse backgrounds – Swati Agarwal has done Bachelor of Arts in History from Lady Shriram College, New Delhi whereas Sunaina Jalan did her bachelors in Geography from Loreto College, Kolkata.

Both hailing from the traditional Marwari families, got introduced to the finest sarees very early in their lives.

The core of their personal philosophy is the honest intent to provide fair working condition to the weavers and pure product to customers. With passion and perseverance, they have focused on creating the finest textiles that the Banaras textile centre has the ability to offer.

They are invested in creating visual information to raise awareness about the processes and effort that goes into creating a pure handwoven textile. They hope to make a difference in a small way towards keeping the legacy alive for the generations to come.


From fine count cotton; mulberry silk; the wild silks of Tussar, Eri, Muga; to pure zari; Swati & Sunaina Gold believes in a use of the purest of natural materials in its single edition sarees. In the case of wild silks, these are handspun.


Swati & Sunaina Gold single editions are created with weaving skills which are the highest being employed in Indian handloom sarees today. They attempt a continuous refinement in the quality of design, hand craftsmanship and drape.


Banaras represents the largest variety of techniques and hand weaving traditions known to a single Indian handloom centre. Some of these remain active in the niche such as Rangkaat, Gyaser, Tissue, Pachrangi and Dam Pach, and form the core of Swati & Sunaina Gold’s innovations.


Beyond an involvement in innovating with rare weaving traditions of Banaras, Swati & Sunaina Gold has been committed to research and curated projects which explore their histories and intangible heritages through the Art of Gold initiative.

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