The Art Of Zari

A heavy brocade with a base of satin, the Gyaser is primarily woven in small width yardages. Swati & Sunaina Gold’s intervention in the tradition is the first known attempt at its transformation into a saree, and was channelled in three ways: the expansion to a width to suit the saree’s; a focus on its floral and decorative motifs which were themselves set in new compositions and layouts; and achieving a lightweight fabric for ease of drape.

The making of pure zari

The making of pure zari is brought alive in this film. The process begins with the melting of large chunks of silver, converting them into thick rods. These are then, over several stages of pulling, transformed into fine wire which has the thickness of hair. Being brittle though, at this point, the precious metal is spun with cotton thread, an element called the core. The resulting yarn is then electroplated with 24 Carat gold, ready to be used for hand weaving.

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