The design layouts of Banaras handloom sarees, primarily use elements of bel (vines or creepers), but a (flowering plants or shrubs) and jaal (an overall pattern or grid) conventionally.

Swati & Sunaina Gold’s Classic collections have consistently reinterpreted these, adding visual features which have become synonyms with the brand. These include wide, elaborate, double borders; a distinctive use of meenakari (enamel like relief) accents; and an unusual use of combinations in traditional Indian colours. These Classic designs are woven in the technique of Kadhua — discontinuous supplementary weft patterning with the jacquard — and Jamdani.

A heavy brocade with a base of satin, the Gyaser is primarily woven in small width yardages. Swati & Sunaina Gold’s intervention in the tradition is the first known attempt at its transformation into a saree, and was channelled in three ways: the expansion to a width to suit the saree’s; a focus on its floral and decorative motifs which were themselves set in new compositions and layouts; and achieving a lightweight fabric for ease of drape.

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